Vacuum-Processed Polyaniline–C60 Organic Field Effect Transistors


  • The authors thank Dr. Birendra Singh, Dr. Yohannes Teketel, Dr. Pavel Troshin, Dr. Serap Günes, and Phillipp Stadler, for fruitful discussions and/or suggestions during experimental design. Thanks are also conveyed to Prof. Bäuerle (Institute of Applied Physics) for using the ATR Spectrometer. This work has been financially supported by the Austrian Science Foundation “FWF” within the National Research Network NFN on Organic Devices (S09712-N08, S097-6000, and S9711-N08).


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Vacuum processed emeraldine base polyaniline is employed as gate insulating layer in organic field effect transistors. Both polyaniline and the small molecule semiconductor (i.e., C60) layers are successively evaporated without breaking the vacuum in the evaporation chamber, suggesting the applicability of evaporation processes as industrial route for the fabrication of OFETs.