Nanocrystals of the Quaternary Thermoelectric Materials: AgPbmSbTem+2 (m = 1–18): Phase-Segregated or Solid Solutions?


  • This work was supported by the Office of Naval Research. The electron microscopy work was performed in the Electron probe instrumentation center (EPIC) facility of NUANCE Center (supported by NSF-NSEC, NSF-MRSEC, Keck Foundation, and the State of Illinois) at Northwestern University. Supporting information is available online from Wiley InterScience or from the author.


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Facile synthesis of a series of thermoelectrically relevant AgPbmSbTem+2 (m = 1–18) nanoparticles (see figure) is carried out by using a colloidal synthetic route. As-synthesized nanocrystals are spherical in geometry and adopt a cubic NaCl-type structure. These quaternary nanocrystals behave as solid solutions at room temperature and tend to phase separate into AgSbTe2 and PbTe upon annealing at moderately high temperature.