Tunable Ultrafast Optical Switching via Waveguided Gold Nanowires


  • The authors acknowledge the British Council Researcher Exchange Programme for supporting the collaboration between the two institutions involved in this project. X. P. Z. acknowledges the High-tech Research and Development Program of China (2007AA03Z306), the National Science Foundation of China (10774011), and the Beijing Municipal Education Commission (KZ200810005004) for financial support, and the Institute of Microstructure and Property of Advanced Materials of the Beijing University of Technology for the microscopic measurements (BJUT-GTS-200704).


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Optical switching via waveguided gold nanowires is achieved. This is possible due to the transient red-shift of the plasmon resonance of the gold nanowires under strong optical excitation and its coupling with the waveguide resonance mode. The effect can be tuned over a broad range in the visible region by changing the angle of incidence.