Surface Polarity and Shape-Controlled Synthesis of ZnO Nanostructures on GaN Thin Films Based on Catalyst-Free Metalorganic Vapor Phase Epitaxy


  • This work was supported by the Korea Foundation for International Cooperation of Science & Technology (KICOS) through a grant (K2070400000307A050000310, Global Research Laboratory (GRL) Program) provided by the Korean Ministry of Education, Science & Technology(MEST) in 2008.


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Surface polarity and shape-controlled ZnO nanostructures are synthesized on GaN thin films using metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy (MOVPE). By adjusting the growth parameters from Zn-rich at low temperature to O-rich at high temperature, morphology of ZnO nanostructures was tuned from nonpolar, smooth-surfaced ZnO nanorod nanowall networks to O-polar, stacked pyramid-structured ZnO nanorods.