Long-Living Light-Emitting Electrochemical Cells – Control through Supramolecular Interactions


  • This work has been supported by the European Union (Heteromolmat, STRP 516982), ESF Eurocores-05SONS-FP-021, the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science (MEC) (MAT2006-28185-E, MAT2007-61584, CSD2007-00010 and CTQ2006-14987-C02-02), the Generalitat Valenciana, European FEDER funds, the Swiss National Science Foundation and the Swiss National Center of Competence in Research “Nanoscale Science”. H. J. B and R. D. C. acknowledge the support of the Program “Ramon y Cajal” and a FPU grant, respectively, of the MEC. Jorge Ferrando's assistance with the lifetime setup is greatly appreciated. Supporting Information is available online from Wiley InterScience or from the authors.


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Light-emitting electrochemical cells with lifetimes surpassing 3000 hours at an average luminance of 200 cd m−2 are obtained with an ionic iridium(III) complex conveniently designed to form a supramolecularly caged structure.