Fabrication of Ultrathin Single-Crystal Diamond Membranes


  • This work was supported by the Australian Research Council; the International Science Linkages program established under the Australian Government's innovation statement, Backing Australia's Ability; the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council UK (EP/F024525); and the Army Research Office (ARO) under contract no. W911NF-04-1-0290. A. D. G is the recipient of an Australian Research Council Queen Elizabeth II Fellowship (project number DP0880466). Quantum Communications Victoria acknowledges support from the Victorian Government's Science, Technology, and Innovation Infrastructure Grants Program.


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Sub-micrometer layers of single-crystal diamond suitable for subsequent processing are fabricated. The method employed is a significant enabling technology for nanomechanical and photonic structures incorporating color centers. The process uses a novel double-implant process, annealing, and chemical etching to produce membranes. The thinnest layers achieved to date are 210 nm thick.