Sulfur as a Novel Nanopatterning Material: An Ultrathin Resist and a Chemically Addressable Template for Nanocrystal Self-Assembly


  • Financial support for this research by NSF (SINAM) is gratefully acknowledged. J.G. thanks the UC Berkeley Fellowship Office for a graduate fellowship and M.R. thanks INTEL for postdoctoral funding through the Division of Materials Sciences, LBNL. The Secondary Ion Mass Spectroscopy work was performed by Dr. X. Chen in the Keck-II facility of NUANCE Center at Northwestern University. NUANCE Center is supported by NSF-NSEC, NSF-MRSEC, Keck Foundation, the State of Illinois, and Northwestern University. We also thank D. Unruh and Dr. I. Suez for help with sample preparation and insightful discussions. Supporting Information is available online from Wiley InterScience or from the author.


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Nanoscale tip-induced polymerization of a sulfur thin film affords a simple negative tone resist that can be used as mask for substrate etching in fluorinated solutions or as a chemical template for the directed self-assembly of gold nanocrystals.