Energy Harvesting Using Nanowires?


  • Marin Alexe,

  • Stephan Senz,

  • Markus Andreas Schubert,

  • Dietrich Hesse,

  • Ulrich Gö sele


This article corrects:

  1. Energy Harvesting Using Nanowires? Volume 20, Issue 21, 4021–4026, Article first published online: 1 September 2008

DOI: 10.1002/adma.200800272.

An error appears in the above article. The correct representation of reference [19] is as follows:

[19] S. C. Masmanidis, R. B. Karabalin, I. D. Vlaminck, G. Borghs, M. Freeman, M. L. Roukes, 2007, 317, 780.