Water-Soluble Fluorescent Silver Nanoclusters



Ag nanoclusters consist of several to roughly a hundred atoms and possess sizes comparable to the Fermi wavelength of electrons; they exhibit molecule-like properties, including discrete electronic transitions and strong fluorescence. These nanoclusters are of significant interest because they provide the bridge between atomic and nanoparticle behavior in noble metals. Since the first observations of photoluminescence from Ag nanoclusters, substantial effort has been made to prepare Ag nanoclusters and explore their potential applications. The synthesis of well-defined Ag nanoclusters, however, is difficult due to aggregation of nanoclusters, especially in aqueous solutions. In this Research News article, we highlight some recent progress on solution-based synthesis of water-soluble Ag nanoclusters using radiolytic, chemical reduction and photochemical approaches to prepare fluorescent Ag nanoclusters.