Advanced Materials

Microfluidic Endoskeletons: Materials of Controlled Shape and Stiffness with Photocurable Microfluidic Endoskeleton (Adv. Mater. 27/2009)



Photocurable microfluidic channel networks in thin layers of polydimethylsiloxane can act as on-demand endoskeletons to lock-in specific shapes, report Orlin Velev and co-workers on p. 2803. The light-induced solidification of photopolymer inside the microchannel networks leads to drastic increases in the elastic and bending moduli of the elastomeric material. The fabrication process is simple and scalable, and could make use of other shape-memory materials, creating the potential to fabricate custom shapes (e.g., containers, protective exoskeletons, or supports) using simple heat, light, or magnetic/electric field triggers.

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