Self-Assembly of Ordered Patterns: Stressed Triangular Tessellations and Fibonacci Parastichous Spirals on Ag Core/SiO2 Shell Microstructures (Adv. Mater. 45/2009)



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Stress engineering offers an effective route for self-assembly of ordered patterns. By stressing Ag core/SiO2 shell microstructures, spontaneous occurrence of triangular tessellations and Fibonacci parastichous spirals can be observed on the spherical and conical cores and shells, respectively. On p. 4652, Ze-Xian Cao and co-workers demonstrate that the stressed patterns are an immediate response to the geometry of the shrinking core/shells. The reproduction of Fibonacci spirals, ubiquitous in the world of plants, on the surface of totally inorganic microstructures provides strong confirmation of the mechanical principle of phyllotaxis.