Magnetic Materials: MnII(TCNE)3/2(I3)1/2–A 3D Network-Structured Organic-Based Magnet and Comparison to a 2D Analog (Adv. Mater. 23/2010)



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Joel Miller, Peter Stephens, and co-workers report on p. 2514 on MnII(TCNE)3/2I3/2(TCNE = tetracyanoethylene), which is a ferrimagnet at a surprisingly high temperature of 0 °C under pressure. It has a 3D network structure with each Mn ion coordinated to six TCNE radicals, leading to strong spin coupling and ferrimagnetic behavior. This composition/structure is the Rosetta stone for understanding several organic-based magnets by providing insight into the design/control of the magnetic interactions needed to develop enhanced materials combining magnetism with other technologically important properties.