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Self-Assembled Ultra-High Aspect Ratio Silver Nanochains



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  1. Errata: Correction: Self-Assembled Ultrahigh Aspect Ratio Silver Nanochains Volume 24, Issue 47, 6259, Article first published online: 6 December 2012


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A simple chemical route to fabricating highly linear, well-aligned and unbranched one-dimensional arrays of silver nanoparticles with ultra-high aspect ratios is demonstrated. Starting with a polydisperse nanoparticle material, the application of ultrasound was found to promote digestive ripening and induce a thiolate-driven self-assembly process. The assembly method discovered has been extended to other systems, with initial findings showing the successful templating of gold nanoparticles into chains using Cu(I)-thiolates. This opens the possibility of a generic route which can be applied to many nanoparticle systems.