Plasmonics: High Magneto-Optical Activity and Low Optical Losses in Metal-Dielectric Au/Co/Au–SiO2 Magnetoplasmonic Nanodisks (Adv. Mater. 10/2012)



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The internal architecture of metal-dielectric Au/Co/Au–SiO2 magnetoplasmonic nanodisks provides control over the internal electromagnetic field distribu on by varying the relative contributions of the magneto-optically active layers and the optically lossy layers. This allows simultaneous tuning of the magneto-optical activity and the absorption. On page OP36, A. Cebollada and co-workers show how placing the dielectric between the upper Au layer and the Co produces a configuration of sizeable magneto-optical activity and low optical loss. If the dielectric is placed below the Co, the magneto-optical activity is maintained, but the optical losses are larger.