• nanoparticles;
  • metal-organic frameworks (MOFs);
  • core-shell nanostructures;
  • synergy;
  • function

Controllable integration of inorganic nanoparticles (NPs) and metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) is leading to the creation of many new multifunctional materials. In this Research News, an emerging type of core–shell nanostructure, in which the inorganic NP cores are encapsulated by the MOF shells, is briefly introduced. Unique functions originating from the property synergies of different types of inorganic NP cores and MOF shells are highlighted, and insight into their future development is suggested. It is highly expected that this Research News could arouse research enthusiasm on such NP@MOF core–shell nanostructures, which have great application potential in devices, energy, the environment, and medicine.