Correction: Electron and Ion Transport in Li2O2


  • Oliver Gerbig,

  • Rotraut Merkle,

  • Joachim Maier


This article corrects:

  1. Electron and Ion Transport In Li2O2 Volume 25, Issue 22, 3129–3133, Article first published online: 6 May 2013

In the article “Electron and ion transport in Li2O2” by O. Gerbig, R. Merkle and J. Maier the following has to be corrected (which only got lost in the typesetting; thus the scientific conclusions of the original article are not affected):

(1) in the upper inset in the bottom left part of Fig. 1 the x-axis must be labelled equation image

original image

(2) In Fig. 3a, “log aLi” must be replaced by “2log aLi

original image