Correction: Nd2Fe14B/FeCo Anisotropic Nanocomposite Films with a Large Maximum Energy Product


  • Weibin Cui,

  • Yukiko K. Takahashi,

  • Kazuhiro Hono


This article corrects:

  1. Nd2Fe14B/FeCo Anisotropic Nanocomposite Films with a Large Maximum Energy Product Volume 24, Issue 48, 6530–6535, Article first published online: 26 October 2012

In the above article, one sentence was missing before “To overcome this problem, we attempt to…” in the last part of Paragraph 3. This paragraph should be expanded as follows: “The Mo spacer layer was used in Nd-Fe-B to control interfaces between textured Nd-Fe-B/αFe phases.[18] Moderate coercivity (∼8 kOe) could be restored and a maximum energy product of 25 MGOe was achieved, indicating that controlling the interfaces was one of the main difficulties in fabricating textured nanocomposite magnets with high-performance. To overcome further this problem, we attempt to…”

We also wish to add the following sentences at the end of Paragraph 3 to make a clear distinction between the significance and scope of the two papers:

“The previous work[18] demonstrates (1) the role of interfaces in fabricating anisotropic nanocomposite films and (2) anisotropic behavior of exchange coupling in these films. The significance of the Advanced Materials article (adma.201202328) lies in two aspects: (1) excellent magnetic properties and (2) microstructure characterization of the novel Nd-rich/NdFeB core-shell structure. Excellent magnetic properties originate from: (1) controlled interfaces between the NdFeB and FeCo phase, (2) enhanced magnetic properties of the Nd-Fe-B single layer, (3) comparable thickness of NdFeB with that of FeCo, and (4) weakened exchange coupling between soft/hard magnetic layers.”

Here, Ref.18 is “W. B. Cui, S. J. Zheng, W. Liu, X. L. Ma, F. Yang, Q. Yao, X. G. Zhao, Z.D. Zhang, J. Appl. Phys. 2008, 104, 053903”.

The authors are very sorry for any misunderstanding and confusion that may have been caused by the important missing reference [18] and not emphasizing the significance of the above article.