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Indefinite Media Based on Wire Array Metamaterials for the THz and Mid-IR



Fibre drawing is used to fabricate indefinite media based on wire array metamaterials. Fibres containing arrays of indium wires embedded in polymer are drawn using an optical fibre draw tower, a technique that is intrinsically scalable to larger-volume fabrication. During drawing, the surface tension of the liquid indium can result in fluctuations to the wire diameter through the Plateau–Rayleigh instability. This is investigated and minimised through a modification of the draw process to achieve wire diameters as low as 1 micrometer. Such wire array fibres are assembled and characterised as electric metamaterials through the resulting high-pass filtering behaviour. By controlling the draw ratio, the fibre drawing technique is shown to produce electric metamaterials over a wide range of frequencies, from the THz through to the edge of the mid-IR.

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