• microspheres;
  • PbS;
  • solar cells;
  • microresonators;
  • whispering gallery modes
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The unique way in which light resonates in microspheres is applied by G. Konstantatos and co-workers on page 139 to enhance the light-harvesting efficiency of a solution-processed PbS quantum dot–TiO2 heterojunction. Depending on the relative position of the silica sphere monolayer with respect to the PbS–TiO2 bilayer, different resonant modes can be coupled into the PbS absorbing layer, boosting the solar cell performance. The cover depicts a cross-section of a microsphere layer completely embedded within PbS quantum dots on the nano crystalline TiO2 film. The PbS quantum dot layer and the nano crystalline titania layer are coloured pink and violet, respectively.