Efficient Heterogeneous Dual Catalyst Systems for Alkane Metathesis



A fully heterogeneous and highly efficient dual catalyst system for alkane metathesis (AM) has been developed. The system is comprised of an alumina-supported iridium pincer catalyst for alkane dehydrogenation/olefin hydrogenation and a second heterogeneous olefin metathesis catalyst. The iridium catalysts bear basic functional groups on the aromatic backbone of the pincer ligand and are strongly adsorbed on Lewis acid sites on alumina. The heterogeneous systems exhibit higher lifetimes and productivities relative to the corresponding homogeneous systems as catalyst/catalyst interactions and bimolecular decomposition reactions are inhibited. Additionally, using a “two-pot” device, the supported Ir catalysts and metathesis catalysts can be physically separated and run at different temperatures. This system with isolated catalysts shows very high turnover numbers and is selective for the formation of high molecular weight alkanes.