Retraction: Iron-Catalyzed Suzuki–Miyaura Cross-Coupling Reaction


  • David Bézier,

  • Christophe Darcel


This article corrects:

  1. Retraction: Iron-Catalyzed Suzuki–Miyaura Cross-Coupling Reaction Volume 351, Issue 11-12, 1732–1736, Article first published online: 27 July 2009

The following article from Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis, “Iron-Catalyzed Suzuki-Miyaura Cross-Coupling Reaction” by David Bézier and Christophe Darcel, published online on July 27, 2009, in Wiley InterScience (, and in print in Volume 351, Issue 11+12, 2009, pages 1732--1736, has been retracted by agreement between the authors, the journal Editor, Joe P. Richmond, and Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA. The retraction has been agreed due to the following.

 Initially, the use of potassium fluoride 99% from Acros lead to complete conversion with aryl iodides and activated aryl bromides. With several batches of iron(III) chloride 99.99% the authors succeeded to reproduce those results and the blank tests without iron(III) chloride 99.99% did not lead to any conversion. Those tests were made several times with different substrates. However, attempts to repeat this work in two independent laboratories have been unsuccessful.

 Therefore, the authors decided to re-examine the reaction, and more particularly to use different types of KF from different suppliers. The results are reported in the following table.

Table 1. 
EntryOrigin of KFBlank reaction[a] without FeCl3 99.99%With FeCl3 99.99%[a]
  1. [a] Reaction performed with iodobenzene, bromoacetophenone and bromoanisole.

  2. [b] full conversion for iodobenzene, bromoacetophenone, 20% conversion for bromoanisole.

1Acros 99% (original batch)No conversionFull conversion[b]
2Alfa Aesar 99% anhydrousNo conversionNo conversion
3Aldrich 99.99%No conversionNo conversion
4Acros 99% (new batch)No conversionNo conversion