Table of Contents


Setting the Stage: Funding Realities and Talent Resources

The Shifting Budgetary Equation

Federal Funding and Public Research Universities

Research Funding and the New “Business Paradigm”

Endowment, Gifts, and Other Revenue Sources

External Pressures on Talent Resources

Concluding Perspectives

Looking Beyond an Administrative Human Resources Department: HR and Institutional Performance

The Evolution of High-Performance HR Systems

The Empirical Link Between Strategic HR and Organizational Performance

Strategic HR Constructs

Application of Strategic HR Principles in Higher Education

Concluding Perspectives

Strategic HR and Talent Management in Higher Education

The Contribution of HR Principles to Talent Acquisition

Diversity in the Talent Management Continuum

Total Rewards and Talent Management

Concluding Perspectives

Strategic HR and Organization Development: A Holistic Process

The Counterpoint Between Organizational Learning and Organization Development

The Crosswalk Between AQIP Principles and Organizational Capabilities

The Psychodynamics of Organization Development

The Contribution of Employee Relations Programs to Organization Development

Performance Evaluation and Organization Development

Leadership Development

The Vital Role of Employee Assistance Programs

Concluding Perspectives

Building an Effective and Efficient Strategic HR Operation

HR Analytics

The HR Audit

Entrepreneurial HR Strategies

HR as Chief Integrative Leader

Concluding Perspectives

Recommendations and Implications for Practice

Presidents and Boards of Trustees

HR Leaders

HR Departments

HR Departments

Looking Forward


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