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Introduction and Overview

Who Are BGLT College Students? A Historical Overview

BGLT Student History Pre-Stonewall: What Do We Know?

Stonewall Approaches: BGLT Visibility and Marginality in the Twentieth Century

Stonewall and Its Aftermath: The Birth of the Homophile Movement

Transgender Lives and Stonewall

BGLT Rights on the College Campus: The Student Homophile Movement

Student Movement Snapshots: BGLT Student Activism at Three Institutions

Queer Student Activism Today

Conclusion: BGLT Student Visibility and Activism After Stonewall

Bisexual, Gay, and Lesbian Student Development Since Stonewall

Bisexual, Gay, and Lesbian Identity Development

Beyond the Monolithic Queer: Developmental Theory in Twenty-First-Century Context

Students of Color and Bisexual, Gay, and Lesbian Identity Development

Intersectionality and Identity Development

Impediments to BGL Student Development in College


Transgender Student Issues and Development After Stonewall

Who Are Transgender College Students?

Transgender Students at Women's Colleges

Transgender Student Development

The Challenge of Transphobia on Campus

The Resilience of Transgender Students

Transgender Students' Needs and Services


The BGLT Campus Resource Center

The First BGLT Campus Resource Centers: Their Founding and Purposes

BGLT Centers Today: Their Purposes and Roles

BGLT Students and Campus Climate Assessment

Center Leadership: A “New Profession” in Higher Education

The Politics of BGLT Campus Resource Centers: Contested Territory

Higher Education Student Affairs and BGLT Issues

BGLT Issues in Professional Preparation of Student Affairs Practitioners


Identity and Solidarity: The Next Steps in BGLT Student Inclusion and Equity

Collaborative Transformation



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