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A New Fe/V Redox Flow Battery Using a Sulfuric/Chloric Mixed-Acid Supporting Electrolyte



A redox flow battery using Fe2+/Fe3+ and V2+/V3+ redox couples in chloric/sulfuric mixed-acid supporting electrolyte is investigated for potential stationary energy storage applications. The Fe/V redox flow cell using mixed reactant solutions operates within a voltage window of 0.5–1.35 V with a nearly 100% utilization ratio and demonstrates stable cycling over 100 cycles with energy efficiency >80% and no capacity fading at room temperature. A 25% improvement in the discharge energy density of the Fe/V cell is achieved compared with a previously reported Fe/V cell using a pure chloride acid supporting electrolyte. Stable performance is achieved in the temperature range between 0 and 50 °C as well as when using a microporous separator as the membrane. The improved electrochemical performance makes the Fe/V redox flow battery a promising option as a stationary energy storage device to enable renewable integration and stabilization of the electric grid.