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Integrating ZnO Microwires with Nanoscale Electrodes Using a Suspended PMMA Ribbon for Studying Reliable Electrical and Electromechanical Properties



A simple method for making electrical connections to ZnO microwires is reported. By using a suspended poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) ribbon, it is shown that it is possible to electrically contact 1–2 μm diameter ZnO microwires with metal electrodes that are only 90 nm thick. The contact resistances of ZnO microwire-based electronic devices fabricated by this method are lower than those of devices fabricated by standard electron-beam lithography and evaporation processes. As one of the possible device applications from this fabrication method, suspended ZnO microwire-based electromechanical devices are produced and their piezoelectric properties are investigated. Piezoelectric-induced current is detected when the suspended microwires are induced to vibrate at their resonant frequency. This fabrication method can be readily and generally applied to prepare nanoscale electrodes on micrometer-sized materials and provides a convenient means for studying their electrical and electromechanical phenomena in a reliable manner.