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High-Performance Semitransparent Tandem Solar Cell of 8.02% Conversion Efficiency with Solution-Processed Graphene Mesh and Laminated Ag Nanowire Top Electrodes



A high-performance semitransparent tandem solar cell that uses solution-processed graphene mesh and laminated Ag NW as a transparent anode and cathode, respectively, is demonstrated. The laminated top electrode can be deposited without causing any damage to the underneath organic solar cells. Power conversion efficiencies of 8.02% and 6.47% are obtained when the light is projected from the solution-processed graphene mesh and laminated AgNW, respectively. The performance of the tandem cell is found to be comparable to a tandem solar cell fabricated using commercially available indium tin oxide. These findings offer a high-performance device and open a new pathway in searching for a potential replacement to the frequently used transparent conducting electrodes.

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