Hedonic Analysis of Price Expectations of Goat Producers in Afghanistan: Implications for Production and Marketing Decisions



The authors describe the goat markets in Afghanistan by analyzing goat producers’ price expectations and by identifying the factors that determine these price expectations. Data on expected prices for goats transacted were collected from 280 goat producers from Baghlan and Nangarhar provinces, along with information on factors anticipated to influence the price expectation from May 2008 to April 2009. A price expectation model was built and analyzed using a general linear model.

Results indicated that goat producers adjusted expected prices for marketing day (Saturday and Thursday), location of sales (district and provincial markets), live weight, and goat producers’ market network. However, goat producers did not expect a premium for goat attributes like breed and age. The implications of the study are that goat producers can expect more when they plan their goat sales based on live weight, market day, marketing place and sex of goat. [Econlit Citations: Q130; Q120, C100].