The exposure of Puntius sophore to different concentrations of crude oil (200… 4000 ppm) revealed that 4000 ppm was acutely lethal to the fish and mortality did not occur at <500 ppm at 21±1 °C for up to 15 days. The increase in the opercular frequency during exposure to crude oil has been recorded almost parallel to toxicant concentrations. The objectionable odour of the crude oil and the formation of coagulated mucous film over the body and gills were the main factors causing mortality among the experimental fish.

The 24, 48, 78 and 96-h TL 50 values have been 3275, 1750, 1650 and 1450 ppm. The corresponding regression coefficients b were –1.8056, –1.5849, –1.6037 and –1.6497.