Table  . The 100 Most Cited Articles in AIChE Journal History
15571C. R. Wilke and P. ChangCorrelation of Diffusion Coefficients in Dilute Solutions12641955
14412H. Renon and J. M. PrausnitzLocal Compositions in Thermodynamic Excess Functions for Liquid Mixtures141351968
12593D. S. Abrams and J. M. PrausnitzStatistical Thermodynamics of Liquid Mixtures: A New Expression for the Excess Gibbs Energy of Partly or Completely Miscible Systems211161975
8814A. Fredenslund, R. L. Jones, and J. M. PrausnitzGroup-Contribution Estimation of Activity Coefficients in Nonideal Liquid Mixtures2110861975
6515C. TsonopoulosAn Empirical Correlation of Second Virial Coefficients202631974
5446B. I. Lee and M. G. KeslerA Generalized Thermodynamic Correlation Based on Three-Parameter Corresponding States215101975
5427J. O. HinzeFundamentals of the Hydrodynamic Mechanism of Splitting in Dispersion Processes12891955
5058A. L. Myers and J. M. PrausnitzThermodynamics of Mixed-Gas Adsorption111211965
4879C. V. Sternling and L. E. ScrivenInterfacial Turbulence: Hydrodynamic Instability and the Marangoni Effect55141959
42510Y. Taitel and A. E. DuklerA Model for Predicting Flow Regime Transitions in Horizontal and Near Horizontal Gas-Liquid Flow22471976
39111John HappelViscous Flow in Multiparticle Systems: Slow Motion of Fluids Relative to Beds of Spherical Particles41971958
38212Y. T. Shah, B. G. Kelkar, S. P. Godbole, and W.-D. DeckwerDesign Parameters Estimations for Bubble Column Reactors283531982
35113G. C. A. Schuit and B. C. GatesChemistry and Engineering of Catalytic Hydrodesulfurization (Journal Review)194171973
32914A. B. Metzner and R. E. OttoAgitation of Non-Newtonian Fluids331957
31115W. M. DeenHindered Transport of Large Molecules in Liquid-Filled Pores3314091987
30216D. B. Anthony and J. B. HowardCoal Devolatilization and Hydrogasification226251976
29917P. E. Savage, S. Gopalan and T. I. Mizan and C. J. MartinoReactions at Supercritical Conditions: Applications and Fundamentals (Journal Review)4117231995
29518L. A. BromleyThermodynamic Properties of Strong Electrolytes in Aqueous Solutions193131973
29419H. C. Van Ness, S. M. Byer, and R. E. GibbsVapor-Liquid Equilibrium: Part 1. An Appraisal of Data Reduction Methods. Part II. Correlations from P-x Data for 15 Systems192381973
28920Y. Taitel, D. Bornea, and A. E. DuklerModelling Flow Pattern Transitions for Steady Upward Gas-Liquid Flow in Vertical Tubes263451980
28721D. Kunii and J. M. SmithHeat Transfer Characteristics of Porous Rocks6711960
27622A. J. Michaels, S. K. Chandrasekaran, and J. E. ShawDrug Permeation Through Human Skin: Theory and in Vitro Experimental Measurement219851975
27523P. Schneider and J. M. SmithAdsorption Rate Constants from Chromatography147621968
27124R. A. McAllisterThe Viscosity of Liquid Mixtures64271960
26825D. W. Dodge and A. B. MetznerTurbulent Flow of Non-Newtonian Systems51891959
26825R. F. Benenati and C. B. BrosilowVoid Fraction Distribution in Beds of Spheres83591962
26727A. B. Metzner and J. C. ReedFlow of Non-Newtonian Fluids-Correlation of the Laminar, Transition, and Turbulent-flow Regions14341955
25828W. Hayduk and H. LaudiePrediction of Diffusion Coefficients for Nonelectrolytes in Dilute Aqueous Solutions206111974
25729C. N. SatterfieldTrickle-Bed Reactors (Journal Review)212091975
25729P. S. VirkDrag Reduction Fundamentals (Journal Review)216251975
25729C. J. S. Petrie and M. M. DennInstabilities in Polymer Processing222091976
24132D. J. Jeffrey and Andreas AcrivosThe Rheological Properties of Suspensions of Rigid Particles224171976
23933R. L. CurlDispersed Phase Mixing: I. Theory and Effects in Simple Reactors91751963
23734D. S. H. Wong and S. I. SandlerA Theoretically Correct Mixing Rule for Cubic Equations of State386711992
23135B. C. SakiadisBoundary-Layer Behavior on Continuous Solid Surfaces: I. Boundary-Layer Equations for Two-Dimensional and Axisymmetric Flow7261961
23036A. E. Handlos and T. BaronMass and Heat Transfer from Drops in Liquid-liquid Extraction31271957
22737Peter HarriottMass Transfer to Particles: Part I. Suspended in Agitated Tank; Part II Suspended in a Pipeline8931962
22638J. HappelViscous Flow Relative to Arrays of Cylinders51741959
22339S. W. Churchill and R. UsagiA General Expression for the Correlation of Rates of Transfer and Other Phenomena1811211972
21540S. Beret and J. M. PrausnitzPerturbed Hard-Chain Theory: An Equation of State for Fluids Containing Small or Large Molecules2111231975
21341J. Newman and W. TiedemannPorous-Electrode Theory with Battery Applications (Journal Review)21251975
21242C. J. Radke and J. M. PrausnitzThermodynamics of Multi-Solute Adsorption from Dilute Liquid Solutions187611972
21043S. Kim and K. P. JohnstonClustering in Supercritical Fluid Mixtures3316031987
20844B. C. SakiadisBoundary-Layer Behavior on Continuous Solid Surfaces: II. The Boundary Layer on a Continuous Flat Surface72211961
20844C. Y. Wen and Y. H. YuA Generalized Method for Predicting the Minimum Fluidization Velocity126101966
20844M. Ishii and N. ZuberDrag Coefficient and Relative Velocity in Bubbly, Droplet or Particulate Flows258431979
20747S. K. Bhatia and D. D. PerlmutterA Random Pore Model for Fluid-Solid Reactions: I. Isothermal, Kinetic Control263791980
20548S. Yagi and D. KuniiStudies on Effective Thermal Conductivities in Packed Beds33731957
20249Stephen WhitakerDiffusion and Dispersion in Porous Media134201967
19850M. D. Donohue and J. M. PrausnitzPerturbed Hard Chain Theory for Fluid Mixtures: Thermodynamic Properties for Mixtures in Natural Gas and Petroleum Technology248491978
19751N. Nishida, G. Stephanopoulos, and A. W. WesterbergA Review of Process Synthesis273211981
19652C. N. Satterfield, C. K. Colton, and W. H. Pitcher, Jr.Augmentation of Film Condensation on the Outside of Horizontal Tubes196281973
19453M. Ishida and C. Y. WenComparison of Kinetic and Diffusional Models for Solid-Gas Reactions143111968
19354K. C. Chao and J. D. SeaderA General Correlation of Vapor-Liquid Equilibria in Hydrocarbon Mixtures75981961
19155S. Mori and C. Y. WenEstimation of Bubble Diameter in Gaseous Fluidized Beds211091975
19056M.-C. Yang and E. L. CusslerDesigning Hollow-Fiber Contactors3219101986
18356T. Z. HarmathyVelocity of Large Drops and Bubbles in Media of Infinite or Restricted Extent62811960
18258H. L. Toor and J. M. MarchelloFilm-penetration Model for Mass and Heat Transfer4971958
18258R. Rajagopalan and C. TienTrajectory Analysis of Deep-Bed Filtration with the Sphere-in-Cell Porous Media Model225231976
18060C. F. Reusch and E. L. CusslerSelective Membrane Transport197361973
18060N. F. Carnahan and K. E. StarlingIntermolecular Repulsions and the Equation of State for Fluids1811841972
18060S. F. Chung and C. Y. WenLongitudinal Dispersion of Liquid Flowing through Fixed and Fluidized Beds148571968
17963J. F. Brennecke and C. A. EckertPhase Equilibria for Supercritical Fluid Process Design3514091989
17764G. R. GavalasA Random Capillary Model with Application to Char Gasification at Chemically Controlled Rates265771980
17665L. A. CutterFlow and Turbulence in a Stirred Tank12351966
17566R. V. Mrazek and H. C. Van NessHeats of Mixing: Alcohol-Aromatic Binary Systems at 25°, 35°, and 45°C71901961
17467R. A. BrownTheory of Transport Processes in Single Crystal Growth from the Melt348811988
17368M. Blander and J. L. KatzBubble Nucleation in Liquids218331975
17269T. Nitta, E. A. Turek, R. A. Greenkorn, and K. C. ChaoA Group Contribution Molecular Model of Liquids and Solutions231441977
16870J. S. Vrentas and J. L. DudaMolecular Diffusion in Polymer Solutions2511979
16771H. S. Mickley and D. F. FairbanksMechanism of Heat Transfer to Fluidized Beds13741955
16771T. J. Edwards, G. Maurer, J. Newman, and J. M. PrausnitzVapor-Liquid Equilibria in Multicomponent Aqueous Solutions of Volatile Weak Electrolytes249661978
16771B. Linnhoff and J. R. FlowerSynthesis of Heat Exchanger Networks246331978
16674T. F. Anderson, D. S. Abrams, and E. A. GrensEvaluation of Parameters for Nonlinear Thermodynamic Models24201978
16674J. C. SlatteryFlow of Viscoelastic Fluids Through Porous Media1310661967
16576D. S. Scott and F. A. L. DullienDiffusion of Ideal Gases in Capillaries and Porous Solids81131962
16576R. Prasad and K. K. SirkarDispersion-Free Solvent Extraction with Microporous Hollow-Fiber Modules341771988
16478K. W. McHenry, Jr., and R. H. WilhelmAxial Mixing of Binary Gas Mixtures Flowing in a Random Bed of Spheres3831957
16379O. Bilous and N. R. AmundsonChemical Reactor Stability and Sensitivity15131955
16280K. B. BischoffEffectiveness Factors for General Reaction Rate Forms113511965
16181C.-C. Chen, H. I. Britt, J. F. Boston, and L. B. EvansLocal Composition Model for Excess Gibbs Energy of Electrolyte Systems: Part 1. Single Solvent, Single Completely Dissociated Electrolyte Systems285881982
16082A. Acrivos, M. J. Shah, and E. E. PetersenMomentum and Heat Transfer in Laminar Boundary-Layer Flows of Non-Newtonian Fluids Past External Surface63121960
16082M. Hartman and R. W. CoughlinReaction of Sulfur Dioxide with Limestone and the Grain Model224901976
16082H. L. ToorSolution of the Linearized Equations of Multicomponent Mass Transfer. 2. Matrix Methods104601964
15885C. Kravaris and C.-B. ChungNonlinear State Feedback Synthesis by Global Input/Output Linearization335921987
15786J. L. Duda, J. S. Vrentas, S. T. Ju, and H. T. LiuPrediction of Diffusion Coefficients for Polymer-Solvent Systems282791982
15687N. ItohA Membrane Reactor Using Palladium3315761987
15588J. J. Carberry and R. H. BrettonAxial Dispersion of Mass in Flow Through Fixed Beds43671958
15588D. R. OlanderSimultaneous Mass Transfer and Equilibrium Chemical Reaction62331960
15588S. Hu and R. C. KintnerFall of Single Liquid Drops Through Water1421955
15491T. W. Weber and R. K. ChakravortiPore and Solid Diffusion Models for Fixed-Bed Adsorbers202281974
15392S. WhitakerForced Convection Heat Transfer Correlations for Flow in Pipes, Past Flat Plates, Single Cylinders, Single Spheres, and for Flow in Packed Beds and Tube Bundles183611972
15293H. L. ToorSolution of the Linearized Equations of Multicomponent Mass Transfer. 1.104481964
15293L. M. Naphtali and D. P. SandholmMulticomponent Separation Calculations by Linearization171481971
15195L. C. Yen and S. S. WoodsA Generalized Equation for Computer Calculation of Liquid Densities12951966
14996N. N. LiPermeation through Liquid Surfactant Membranes174591971
14996A. C. Payatakes, C. Tien, and R. M. TurianA New Model for Granular Porous Media: Part I. Model Formation. Part II. Numerical Solution of Steady State Incompressible Newtonian Flow Through Periodically Constricted Tubes19581973
14996R. Luus and T. H. I. JaakolaOptimization by Direct Search and Systematic Reduction of the Size of Search Region197601973
14899L. H. S. Roblee, R. M. Baird, and J. W. TierneyRadial Porosity Variations in Packed Beds44601958
147100C. Tien and A. C. PayatakesAdvances in Deep Bed Filtration257371979


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