A CFD–PBM coupled model for gas–liquid flows



A computational fluid dynamics–population balance model (CFD-PBM) coupled model was developed that combines the advantages of CFD to calculate the entire flow field and of the PBM to calculate the local bubble size distribution. Bubble coalescence and breakup were taken into account to determine the evolution of the bubble size. Different bubble breakup and coalescence models were compared. An algorithm was proposed for computing the parameters based on the bubble size distribution, including the drag force, transverse lift force, wall lubrication force, turbulent dispersion force, and bubble-induced turbulence. With the bubble breakup and coalescence models and the interphase force formulations in this work, the CFD-PBM coupled model can give a unified description for both the homogeneous and the heterogeneous regimes. Good agreement was obtained with the experimental results for the gas holdup, liquid velocity, and bubble size distribution. © 2005 American Institute of Chemical Engineers AIChE J, 2006