• microwave;
  • cylinders;
  • elliptical shapes


A detailed theoretical analysis has been carried out to assess the role of various elliptical shapes/cross sections on microwave heating of 2-D cylinders for beef and oil samples. Two types of elliptical cross sections are considered as type A (ellipse with major axis along the horizontal plane), and type B (ellipse with minor axis along the horizontal plane.) A preliminary analysis on microwave heating of samples has been shown via average power within a sample vs. sample radius of circular cross section for beef and oil samples. Several regimes (I–III) based on small and large radius for circular cross sections have been selected. The effect of elliptical shapes for type A and B configurations has been studied initially via average power vs. aspect ratio distributions for various regimes. The grayscale images of power absorption have been analyzed further for elliptical cross section with varying aspect ratios for regimes I–III where aspect ratio and types of configuration are shown to influence spatial power absorptions. The detailed temperature profiles have also been shown to illustrate the role of elliptical shapes on uniform heating and thermal runaway. Depending on the material dielectric properties and sample dimension, either type A or B or both configuration has been recommended. © 2007 American Institute of Chemical Engineers AIChE J, 2007