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Decontamination of sulfur mustard on manganese oxide nanostructures



Nanostructures made up of restacked manganese oxide nanosheets and nanotubes were tested as reactive sorbents for the detoxification of sulfur mustard, a highly persistent and a deadly chemical warfare agent. The kinetic data was compared with that of the precursor bulk HxMnO2 material and the data show that the agent undergoes hydrolysis and elimination reactions and yields hemisulfur mustard, thiodiglycol, chlorovinylethyl sulfide, divinyl sulfide, and hydroxyvinylethyl sulfide on the surface of the adsorbent made up of nanosheets and tubes; however, it undergoes oxidation reaction and yields sulfoxide of sulfur mustard on the surface of bulk HxMnO2 material. Kinetic data reveal that the adsorbent compiled of manganese oxide nanosheets and nanotubes show a reaction half life of 9.12 h, where the bulk HxMnO2 show the reaction half life of 29.8 h. © 2007 American Institute of Chemical Engineers AIChE J, 2007