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Unified model for nonideal multicomponent molecular diffusion coefficients



Multicomponent diffusion is important in a variety of applications. In order to calculate diffusion flux, molecular diffusion coefficients are required, where fluid nonideality and the multicomponent nature of the mixture have a significant effect. A unified model for the calculation of diffusion coefficients of gas, liquid and supercritical states of nonpolar multicomponent mixtures is presented. A new correlation is proposed for the binary infinite dilution-diffusion coefficients. The generalized Vignes relation is used in multicomponent mixtures. Nonideality is rigorously described by the fugacity derivatives evaluated by the volume-translated Peng-Robinson equation of state. Predictions for highly nonideal gas and liquid multicomponent mixtures demonstrate the reliability of the proposed methodology. © 2007 American Institute of Chemical Engineers AIChE J, 2007