From material to tissue: Biomaterial development, scaffold fabrication, and tissue engineering


  • This invited contribution presents a 16-year perspective of the research conducted in the laboratory of Prof. Antonios G. Mikos of Rice University in the biomaterials and tissue engineering fields. Prof. Mikos was the recipient of the 2007 Alpha Chi Sigma Award for Chemical Engineering Research of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.


The need for techniques to facilitate the regeneration of failing or destroyed tissues remains great with the aging of the worldwide population and the continued incidence of trauma and diseases such as cancer. A 16-year history in biomaterial scaffold development and tissue engineering is examined, beginning with the synthesis of novel materials and fabrication of 3D porous scaffolds. Exploring cell-scaffold interactions and subsequently cellular delivery using biomaterial carriers, we have developed a variety of techniques for bone and cartilage engineering. In addition to delivering cells, we have utilized growth factors, DNA, and peptides to improve the in vitro and in vivo regeneration of tissues. This review covers important developments and discoveries within our laboratory, and the increasing breadth in the scope of our work within the expanding field of tissue engineering is presented. © 2008 American Institute of Chemical Engineers AIChE J, 2008