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The influence of the particle size distribution on fluidized bed hydrodynamics using high-throughput experimentation



The goal of the described project is to design mixtures of particles with optimal fluidization properties. Using high-throughput experimentation, a novel approach to study hydrodynamics in fluidized beds, the relevant properties can be obtained in a limited period of time. This approach is demonstrated by assessing the influence of particle size distribution on fluidized bed hydrodynamics of Geldart A powders. By manipulating the width of the particle size distribution of alumina powder, the bubble diameter is reduced up to 40%. The addition of fines to a given particle size distribution also decreases the bubble diameter up to 40%, whereas the addition of coarse particles hardly influences the bubble size. At low gas velocities, the bubble size was found to increase with fines addition or increasing standard deviation. © 2009 American Institute of Chemical Engineers AIChE J, 2009

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