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Experimental and modeling analysis of diffusive release from single-shell microcapsules



There is much experimental and mathematical work that describes chemical transport from multilayered films of planar geometries. There is less so, however, for chemical transport from multilayered spheres, a common structure for controlled-release materials. Based on the Sturm–Liouville approach of Ramkrishna and Amundson (1974), explicit analytical solutions for the concentration profiles and release kinetics from spherical capsules are presented. Fluorescent dye-release studies using single-shelled microspheres called nanoparticle-assembled capsules were performed to validate the model for uniformly and nonuniformly sized capsules. The combined experiment-modeling approach allows optical microscopy images and release measurements to be readily analyzed for estimating diffusion coefficients in capsule core and shell walls. © 2009 American Institute of Chemical Engineers AIChE J, 2009