• ammonium-type ionic liquid;
  • acid/base neutralization synthetic route;
  • high purity


A new strategy for preparing ammonium-type ionic liquid (IL) by acid/base neutralization reaction was proposed. The method contributed to preparing hydroxide-based ammonium IL and resulting task specific ionic liquid (TSIL) with high purity using a low-costly and environment-friendly synthetic route. Halide contamination in the prepared ILs could be markedly decreased than those prepared by well-established anion metathesis method. Moreover, some novel TSILs composed of cations and anions with big steric hindrances could be prepared by this method. Physicochemical properties of the bifunctional TSILs, i.e., density, water content, decomposition temperature, and munal solubility, were also studied in this article. © 2009 American Institute of Chemical Engineers AIChE J, 2009