A unified model of property integration for batch and continuous processes



This article aims to present a general model for synthesis of property-based resource conservation networks. The proposed model is applicable to batch and continuous processes. Therein, the process systems are characterized by properties instead of composition that is found in most published works to date in the area of resource conservation. By treating continuous process as a special case of batch processes, both kinds of operations can be optimized with a unified model that is developed on the basis of a superstructure. The overall framework of property network is adopted, where material reuse/recycle, interception, and waste treatment are all taken into consideration. Apart from direct reuse/recycle, interception devices are employed to improve stream properties for further recovery, whereas effluent treatment is needed for compliance with environmental discharge limits. In addition, storage vessels are employed in batch processes to override intrinsic time constraint. Four case studies are solved to illustrate the proposed approach. © 2009 American Institute of Chemical Engineers AIChE J, 2010