Fluid-particle drag in inertial polydisperse gas–solid suspensions



In this article, we extend the low Reynolds number fluid-particle drag relation proposed by Yin and Sundaresan for polydisperse systems to include the effect of moderate fluid inertia. The proposed model captures the fluid-particle drag results obtained from lattice-Boltzmann simulations of bidisperse and ternary suspensions at particle mixture Reynolds numbers ranging from 0 ≤ Remix ≤ 40, over a particle volume fraction range of 0.2 ≤ ϕ ≤ 0.4, volume fraction ratios of 1 ≤ ϕij ≤ 3, and particle diameter ratios of 1 ≤ di/dj ≤ 2.5. © 2009 American Institute of Chemical Engineers AIChE J, 2010