Frequency response analysis of slot coating



Frequency responses to the slot die coating process is analyzed using empirical modal analysis to predict the effects of periodic process disturbances such as gap oscillation and variations in vacuum pressure, web velocity, and flow rate. A type of empirical modal analysis known as an experimental modal approach was used, and an oscillator basis model was assumed by using a linearized governing equation, and the coefficient of the basis model was determined by curve-fitting. By completing the process, we were able to decompose each mode, during which process it was found that the modes are of two types: a squeeze mode related to viscous characteristics and sinuous modes that are identical to capillary waves. Observation of the meniscus shapes of each mode revealed, in the third mode near the lip edge, significant fluctuations that can induce other coating defects. © 2010 American Institute of Chemical Engineers AIChE J, 2010