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Support-dependent activity of noble metal substituted oxide catalysts for the water gas shift reaction



The water gas shift reaction was carried out over noble metal ion substituted nanocrystalline oxide catalysts with different supports. Spectroscopic studies of the catalysts before and after the reaction showed different surface phenomena occurring over the catalysts. Reaction mechanisms were proposed based upon the surface processes and intermediates formed. The dual site mechanism utilizing the oxide ion vacancies for water dissociation and metal ions for CO adsorption was proposed to describe the kinetics of the reaction over the reducible oxides like CeO2. A mechanism based on the interaction of adsorbed CO and the hydroxyl group was proposed for the reaction over ZrO2. A hybrid mechanism based on oxide ion vacancies and surface hydroxyl groups was proposed for the reaction over TiO2. The deactivation of the catalysts was also found to be support dependent. Kinetic models for both activation and deactivation were proposed. © 2010 American Institute of Chemical Engineers AIChE J, 2010