• LGDP;
  • performance models;
  • multiproduct batch plants;
  • duplication in series


In this contribution, a novel linear generalized disjunctive programming (LGDP) model is developed for the design of multiproduct batch plants optimizing both process variables and the structure of the plant through the use of process performance models. These models describe unit operations using explicit expressions for the size and time factors as functions of the process variables with the highest impact. To attain a linear formulation, values of the process variables as well as unit sizes are selected from a set of meaningful discrete values provided by the designer. Regarding structural alternatives, both kinds of unit duplications in series and in parallel are considered in this approach. The inclusion of the duplication in series requires different detailed models that depend on the structure selected. Thus, in a new approach for the multiproduct batch plant design, a set of potential structural alternatives for the plant is defined. © 2010 American Institute of Chemical Engineers AIChE J, 2011