• microfluidic;
  • T-junction;
  • capillary;
  • droplet;
  • bubble


This work focuses on the dispersion of micromonodispersed droplets and bubbles in the capillary embedded T-junction microfluidic devices. The effects of the microchannel structure, operating conditions, and physical properties on the dispersion rules were carefully investigated. It was found that the extended capillary could greatly affect the dispersion rules, which was favorable for reducing the dispersed size. The dispersed size was mainly dominated by the Ca number, and the effects of dispersed phase flow rate and viscosity ratio of the two phases were also very important. The dispersion mechanism and size rules in the capillary embedded microfluidic devices were discussed seriously by comparing the similarities and differences of the liquid/liquid and gas/liquid dispersion processes. © 2010 American Institute of Chemical Engineers AIChE J, 2011