Experimental profiles of lateral mixing of feed particles in a three-dimensional fluidized bed



Solids mixing data of high quality is one of the most crucial steps for quantitative studies, but it is a difficult task to obtain in a fluidized bed especially with a 3D configuration. Therefore a novel sampling technique is developed with bed collapse method, for measuring lateral mixing of feed particles in a 3D fluidized bed. The sampling tool is designed using a “bottom-to-top sampling” idea. Its development, configuration and measurement repetition are discussed in detail. The effects of mixing time, fluidizing gas velocity, and particle size of bed material on the tracer distribution are investigated. A quantitative comparison of lateral dispersion coefficient shows that our results agree fairly well with measurements and predictions of correlations for lab-scale fluidized systems in previous studies. The presented 2D profiles of the lateral mixing can be used to validate fundamental solids mixing models or verifying convenient measurement techniques. © 2010 American Institute of Chemical Engineers AIChE J, 2011