Verification of filtered two-fluid models for gas-particle flows in risers



The effect of solid boundaries on the closure relationships for filtered two-fluid models for riser flows was probed by filtering the results obtained through highly resolved kinetic theory-based two-fluid model simulations. The closures for the filtered drag coefficient and particle phase stress depended not only on particle volume fraction and the filter length but also on the distance from the wall. The wall corrections to the filtered closures are nearly independent of the filter length and particle volume fraction. Simulations of filtered model equations yielded grid length independent solutions when the grid length is ∼half the filter length or smaller. Coarse statistical results obtained by solving the filtered models with different filter lengths were the same and corresponded to those from highly resolved simulations of the kinetic theory model, which was used to construct the filtered models, thus verifying the fidelity of the filtered modeling approach. © 2010 American Institute of Chemical Engineers AIChE J, 2011