• drop;
  • level set approach;
  • Marangoni effect;
  • numerical simulation;
  • MIBK–acetic acid–water system


A level set approach was adopted in numerical simulation of interphase mass transfer from a deformable drop moving in a continuous immiscible liquid, and the simulation results on Marangoni effect were presented with respect to three experimental runs in the methyl isobutyl ketone–acetic acid–water system. Experiments showed that when the solute concentration was sufficiently high, the Marangoni effect would occur with the interphase mass transfer enhanced. Numerical results indicated that the mass-transfer coefficient with Marangoni effect was larger than that without Marangoni effect and stronger Marangoni effect made the drop deform more easily. The predictions were qualitatively in accord with the experimental data. Numerical simulation revealed well the transient flow structure of Marangoni effect. © 2011 American Institute of Chemical Engineers AIChE J, 2011