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Process-based graphical approach for simultaneous targeting and design of water network



A new process-based graphical approach (PGA) is presented for the simultaneous targeting and design of water network. The PGA is extended from the limiting water profile which was developed for flow rate targeting for a water network. Via PGA procedure, apart from locating the minimum freshwater and wastewater flow rate targets, the water network that corresponds to the minimum flow rate targets is also synthesized simultaneously. The proposed approach handles both fixed load (including operations with water loss and/or gain) and fixed flow rate problems equally well. In addition, the approach can be used to synthesize direct reuse/recycle, regeneration reuse/recycling, and total water network. Furthermore, the proposed approach is applicable for water network with multiple freshwater sources. Three literature examples are presented to illustrate the proposed approach. © 2011 American Institute of Chemical Engineers AIChE J, 2011