Modeling of heat recovery from a steam-gas mixture in a high-temperature sorption process



A high pressure condenser is considered to remove water vapor as well as recover heat from the desorbed steam—CO2 gas mixture in a novel sorption enhanced reaction process. It is possible to have water condensation at the gas side as well as water evaporation at the coolant water side because of large temperature difference between the hot and cold side. A model of heat and mass transfer and phase change was developed to understand the complex phenomena associated with the simultaneous condensation and evaporation taking place in the unit. A finite difference method was used to solve the boundary value problem. Additional insight was obtained by describing the operating lines and equilibrium condition in an enthalpy diagram. The model was used to explore the performance in terms of the heat recovery. The heat recovery was best at the beginning of the process when the superheated steam was generated. © 2011 American Institute of Chemical Engineers AIChE J, 2012