• turbulence;
  • mixing;
  • high-Scmidt-number turbulence;
  • liquid flow;
  • SGS scalar variance;
  • PLIF


The subgrid scale (SGS) variance for a high-Schmidt-number passive scalar of Sc >> 1 is measured using a high-resolution planar laser-induced fluorescence technique in a grid-generated turbulent liquid flow, and the values of the model coefficients in the scale-similarity model and the scalar-gradient model used for estimating the SGS scalar variance are experimentally evaluated. The results show that for both models, the measured values are much larger than the well-known values obtained in the previous studies done for non-high-Sc scalars of Sc ≅ 1. Similarly, the measured value of the model coefficient in the scalar-gradient model tends to be larger than the value estimated by the dynamic procedure. The increases in the measured values of the model coefficients for the high-Sc scalar can be explained by the presence of the viscous-convective range showing a nearly (−1)-slope in the high-wavenumber range of the power spectrum of concentration fluctuation. © 2011 American Institute of Chemical Engineers AIChE J, 2012