This article corrects:

  1. Geometric design of fluid segments in microreactors using dimensionless numbers Volume 52, Issue 4, 1502–1515, Article first published online: 14 November 2005

In “Geometric Design of Fluid Segments in Microreactors Using Dimensionless Numbers” by Aoki, Hasebe, and Mae (Volume 52(4), pp 1502–1515, DOI 10.1002/aic.10727), the authors found errors and request errata as follows:

In the second paragraph of the right column of page 1506, the expressions around Eq. 9 should be corrected as follows:

Extending to the n-array arrangement (n ≥ 2), Ly for the first and nth array is H/2 and for the other n − 2 arrays is H/4. Therefore,

(Eq. 9, omitted)

When n is infinity, Ly = H/4, and Wy = H.

In the third line of the right column of page 1510, 101 should read 103.

In the third line of the left column of page 1511, Figure 8 should read Figure 10.